SOC Chiropractic Sports & Wellness

SOC Chiropractic Sports & Wellness is a continued legacy passed on from Dr. Chauvin’s grandfather, Dr. William F. Streiff.  Dr. Streiff opened the Streiff-Owens Clinic of Chiropractic located in Alvin, Texas in 1990. Allowing his daughter, Dr. Muriel Owens, to practice with him and eventually turning over the practice to her when he retired. Dr. Owens and Dr. Chauvin have been practicing together in the Alvin office since Dr. Chauvin’s graduation, renaming the clinic to SOC Chiropractic to incorporate the Streiff, Owens, and Chauvin names. Dr. Chauvin has now opened a second location in League City to expand their healthcare services in the community where Dr. Chauvin lives.




Chiropractic is the finding and correction of vertebral and pelvic subluxations, in the restoration and maintenance of health, removing interference in the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain, via the spinal chord as part of the central nervous system. 

It does affect the autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic, that controls all of the organs and systems of the body and relates the individual to his environment.


This is the method originated by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, based on the work of Dr. B.J. Palmer, originally called “the Meric System.”  It was changed and perfected to where it is now considered by some to be the only scientific method used by Chiropractors.  Dr. Gonstead found certain anatomical and neurological presentations in atlas and anatomy text books differently from those accepted even today.  In this way, he was able to improve and affect the lives of almost all of his patients.  Dr. Gonstead was also knowledgeable and skillful in adjusting the extremities and this skill is taught in his methodology.


Dr. William F. Streiff, D.C.

October 5, 2011